Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Last Day in California Adventures

Showing our muscles with Mr. Incredible. The Merkley Mob in front of the painted wall. Lilyann giving Goofy a huge hug. The Merkley and Brunsons in front of the painted wall. We had a great day in California Adventures . We saw the Aladdin show which was totally amazing!! We rode each child's favorite ride. My personal favorite is Soaring over California. The boys loved California Screamin, Toy Story Mania, Bear Rapids, and Mickey's Fun Wheel ( which I was really stupid and rode again, should have learned not to ride that the first time). We had such a great trip. Tons of fun at the happiest place on Earth.

Fantasy Land

Tracy bought all the kids these light up rings while waiting for the fire works show. Lilyann used hers as a hula hoop. The Brunsons and Merkleys in front of the Mickey Mouse made of flowers. Amber, Amalynn, and Dylon on the tea cups. Ethan, Brenden, Colin, and Lilyann on the tea cups, they tried to see how fast they could spin it. That is why I was in the other cup. We crammed all nine kids in the back of the Brunson's car and headed to the park. Mother of the year, I know.

New Port Beach

Lilyann and Amalynn playing in the sand. Keith and the boys building a sand castle. We buried Ethan in the sand and while he couldn't move we turned him into Ethel. It was so funny and he was such a good sport about it. Colin collected tons of sea shells and rocks we have a bucket full of sea shells now. Not sure what to do with them.

Disney Land Fun

Keith, Amber, Tracy, Tori, Kari, and Louie in front of the castle. The whole crew...Merkleys, Brunsons, and Celayas! Kari and Louie Celaya on the Dumbo ride! What a cute couple! The Bunsons and Merkleys kids sporting their new Mickey Mouse ears! Lilyann taking a nap in the stroller. For the most part she did really well but she got pretty crabby waiting in all those lines this is probably the best picture we have of her that day.

California Adventures

Hunter Brunson was so cute...he held Amalynn's hand to make sure she was always with us. Amalynn is a little smitten by Hunter now.
Tori and Amber kissing Mickey Mouse. The kids riding a ride. Our family in front of Mickey's Fun Wheel (Colin never has a straight face in pictures, crazy boy). Mickey's Fun Wheel was probably my lest favorite ride, it was the only one that made me sick. It looks like a nice and easy ride but looks are deceiving.
Keith, Brenden, Ethan, and Colin being silly while waiting for the Color of the World Show. It was an amazing show of lights, water and fire! Way cool!

Easter Sunday at the Los Angles Temple

The Los Angles Temple is so beautiful we toured the Visitors Center and walked around the grounds. There is the most amazing tree that we had the kids climb so we could take some fun pictures of them. It was such a nice peaceful day.

California Vacation

We spent a week in California with some good friends of ours, the Brunson family and the Celaya family. We had a great time at Disney Land, the Los Angles Temple, and New Port Beach. I am so grateful we were able to go and enjoy some much needed family time. These are some pictures of our first day in Disney Land. The Brunson kids and our kids in Toon Town. On the Jungle Crews. Our family just coming into the park and us waiting in line for the Matterhorn.